Keira Receives Honor Roll Award For Math and Reading

Hey there Keira fans.  Here’s another fantastic update on Keira Tunstall as it relates to education.  Keira came home with a surprise last night; she received another Award from Kumon and was placed on the… Advanced Honor Roll.  Thats’ right!  She did it again.  Way to go Keira.  Below are the results:

Reading Honor Roll

  • Level Achieved: DII 120
  • Rank: 1,298 of 18,077

Math Honor Roll

  • Level Achieved: E40
  • Rank: 2,398 of 24,720

At these levels, Keira is doing 5th grade math and reading and she is only in the 3rd grade.  That’s amazing!

For those of you who don’t know, Keira has been enrolled in Kumon since she was 4 years old.  She spends 15-30 minutes everyday on math and reading.  That’s it.  These skills have carried over to other subjects at school and in gymnastics.  You can start advancing your math and reading too by reading the following books:

See Pictures of Keira and Her Awards

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